Unjust Love (Book Signing Event Only)
Unjust Love (Book Signing Event Only)

Unjust Love (Book Signing Event Only)

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Before you know it, you'll be joining me in Pasadena, California, for the Book Signing Event powered by Girlfriends Unfiltered.

Book orders must be purchased online to guarantee you get the title you want. Your items will be ready for pick-up during the event. Due to the nature of the event and travel, book availability will be limited.

Pre-Order end August 1, 2023, at Noon CST**

Benjamin Bennett leads a lifestyle that many could only dream of. He’s a star quarterback, well-educated, and he knows how to get what he wants. But what he stays clear of is love because his ambition and goals don’t align with it.

“I am a single man with a laser-sharp focus on and off the field. Nowhere in that equation am I thinking about being in a committed relationship.” ~Benji~

Riana is sassy and all about herself. Her world consists of her career as a musician, and she doesn’t see anything outside of it. Though her intentions are good, she battles issues from the past that hinders her from truly moving forward in life, especially in the love department.

Benji and Riana think they have things figured out until heartbreak shatters each of them, leaving them no choice but to rebuild themselves. But will they rebuild together?

One important thing they learn is no matter how much money you have or how many people wish for your life; some things can’t be avoided.

Is it possible for them to move forward in a relationship, or is it best to focus on themselves? Are the circumstances they’re being forced to confront too overwhelming to work through? Most importantly, will Benji and Riana be able to fight against an Unjust Love?

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