Shooter's Free Verse (Signed Paperback)

Shooter's Free Verse (Signed Paperback)

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FREE VERSE: /frē ˈvərs/Noun
the lack of a consistent rhyme scheme, metrical pattern, or musical form.

If he says it, he means it. If he did it, he doesn’t regret it. Because whether we like it or not, he controls what happens in his universe. He doesn’t believe in mistakes, only lessons. These lessons often find their way freely into his verses. His name is often recited, but folks have no idea of the man behind it.

She is searching for the reset button. You know, rewind back to the time when things were so simple, where no heartbreak existed. When all she had to worry about was doing homework and being the center of attention for all the right reasons and not because of a scandal.

Immerse yourself in Shooter and Lexiana’s Free Verse as they use their talents, bodies, and life lessons to create a rhythm that at first appears to have no rhyme or reason. By the end, they will make patterns and music that not only speak to the soul but speaks to the hearts they are both looking to mend.

Important Note: This novel is a spin-off from the Bennett Affair Series featuring Shooter & Lexi. Though this series ends on a high note, we experience their romance through friendship first, which builds as a slow burn. If a slow and steady novel is not your preference, please feel free to check out some of my other works. If you choose to continue, you’re in for a treat. And for those returning after reading the Bennett Brothers, just know you have no idea!

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